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“We Sacrifice Our Today, For Their Tomorrow”

Operation Build Up
How to Share With Just Friends

How to share with just friends.

Posted by Facebook on Friday, December 5, 2014
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Sponsor Operation Build Up

We are a 100% volunteer non profit organization, without donations we will not be able to continue our important mission.  Please consider a small monthly donation to our cause,  It could make the difference in a veterans life.  A veteran right now that may have lost hope.  We are a 501c3 non profit organization, all donations to our mission are tax deductible.

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Please Donate So We Can Continue Our Mission

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Our mission is to have an impact on the 22 veteran suicides per day and homelessness statistics by surprising veterans with the basic items needed for survival in a civilian lifestyle. Our goal over the next year is to surprise over 100 veterans with vehicles! Please donate to help support our mission!

Many people do not realize how difficult of an adjustment it can be to move from military life into civilian life for many veterans. Most of our heroic veterans return home from service with just enough personal belongings to fit in their vehicles. Many also have skill-sets that are strictly combat-related making the transition into civilian life a challenge. Veterans are brave, dedicated, selfless people by nature.

Anyone that has met a hardened military veteran understands that they are the last people in the world to ask friends and family for help or express their troubles. They are expected to be able to figure it out because “He or she is a Marine!”, “Or a Soldier!”…. This attitude adds more pressure to our already overwhelmed veterans. Yes, there are many programs offering needed assistance, most of which have requirements based upon the percentage of disability, discharge classifications, discharge dates, and many additional criteria that further complicate assistance.

Operation Build Up is here to change these circumstances. Regardless of the criteria. We will help every veteran that we can with the necessary tools for survival in a civilian atmosphere, young and old. Whether you have served in Operation Iraqi Freedom, Vietnam, or any other conflict; we will do all we can to come to your aid.

Imagine if we could have an Operation Clean Out To Build Up warehouse in every major city! By giving restored vehicles and furniture we give them a comfort, sense of belonging, and the tools necessary to create stable lives. The effect on Veteran’s homelessness and suicide statistics would be dramatic.

We Won’t Leave You Behind, Our Team Strives To Simplify The Process Of Getting Resources To Our Veterans.

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Together We Conquer

Please Take A Moment To View Our Platinum Corporate Sponsors Below, These Are the Companies That Are Leading The Charge In Our Communities To Assist Veterans In Their Darkest Hour

Operation Build Up Serves All Veterans As Well As Any Widow/Widower Of The Fallen In Need!  Need Help? Submit Your Story!
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“No man but feels more of a man in the world if he have but a bit of ground that he can call his own. However small it is on the surface, it is four thousand miles deep; and that is a very handsome property.”


“These guys dedicate their time making things happen and to make a difference. Their hard work and compassion is something this world needs more of. I personally want to say THANK YOU and God bless you!!!!! Keep up the amazing job”


“This is an awesome organization!! Run by amazing people.”


Are you a Patriot? Do you support fighting for our hero's at home in order to prevent suicides and homelessness? Join our team by following and sharing our mission+! We have work to do if we are to change the world and we need you! Welcome aboard!! Oorah!!

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