Domonique Operation Iraqi Freedom Veteran

Domonique Operation Iraqi Freedom Veteran 2017-06-07T15:41:56+00:00

This hero served her country honorably during time of war, is a single mother of a three year old son, and has a beautiful soul.  After returning home she found herself  in a position where she had  relearn how to be a civilian.  Facing the everyday challenge’s of getting to work without a vehicle, and raising her child to the best of her ability on her own she found herself in a fight for advancement.  Maintaining a positive perspective of the world around her she was limited to city transportation for work, also doctors appointments for herself and child.  She is staying in a reputable female veterans home in Rochester, NY and reaching for the stars everyday.   When we heard of her story, bravery as a parent, woman, and veteran to this great nation we were elated to assist her with a vehicle!

Our team was able to obtain a 2004 Jeep liberty with mid range mileage, 4×4, and everything that she would need to build the kind of life that she deserves for her family!  The Jeep needed some work, a transmission, brakes, rotors, calipers, 3 – o2 sensors, cam sensor, crankshaft sensor, transmission lines, transmission shifter cable, and an AC compressor + pulley.  Piece of cake!  Said our hungry team of vikings. So we got to work!

We worked around the clock for weeks on this vehicle, painted the trim, put new tires on it, painted the wheels black to give it some edge!

Then when it was completed we decided to surprise her with this vehicle in front of hundreds at The American Warrior Concert 2017!  Our Team set up a table and told people about our mission, why it was so important and prepared for her to arrive on Saturday to be surprised!!  A local Staff Sergeant and Company Gunny out of Buffalo NY volunteered to come to the event to hand her the keys to her new truck on stage!  We couldn’t be more proud.



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