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After returning home Joey was ready to take the world by storm, he had a plan in place, was prepared to execute and build the life that he deserved on “the other side”.  A windfall of issues came down on him in his civilian life.  A breakup, vehicle breakdown, and unlucky turn of events put him in a dark place.  Being the hero that he is Joey decided to take these issues on himself rather than asking for help.  Heroes do not cry out loud.

He picked up a labor job for small pay that he treated like a big opportunity.  He committed himself 100% to this job, due to his current circumstances he found it extremely difficult to get rides to work and appointments. Joey found every day survival in our world an uphill battle.  Never willing to give up, always pushing forward, showing true effort and commitment.

At the end of the day he would return to an empty home and fight his demons alone.  Joey is a true hero, even though he does not think so.  Selfless, loyal and honorable.  He has put himself last his whole life without ever asking for anything in return.  

Joey has spent almost half of his life defending AMERICA from the EVIL that lurks outside of our gates, with 7 combat tours, 3 in Afghanistan and 4 in Iraq, we weren’t about to let him suffer another day in THE AMERICA that he sacrificed so much for.  We owe him more than that.  Our team was able to surprise Joey with a vital tool to build the life that he deserves.  A vehicle at no charge to him.  Our delivery was just in time as Joey has until the 7th of April to move out of his home, was just offered a new job, one that he needed a vehicle for and wasn’t sure how he was going to make that happen.  We have A strong belief that GOD himself intervened in Joeys life by pointing us in his direction. Our team is very thankful for that. We have lost 5,900 military members in combat since 2001, and 120,000 military members at home to suicide since 2001.  We sacrifice our today for their tomorrow. As a country it is up to us to step in and make a difference here. To this point Joey is our fourth vehicle donation and we have been steadfast in  our objective since December 6th, Please support our mission by making a donation today!  

Follow your heart Joey, AMERICA has your back!

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