Max – Third Marine Division Operation Iraqi Freedom Veteran

Max – Third Marine Division Operation Iraqi Freedom Veteran 2017-07-09T03:20:22+00:00

Operation Build Up pulls off the double whammy! We surprised 2 Marines with 2 cars at one event!!

Max is a young Marine that recently returned home from his unit that was based out of Hawaii. Being a recently returned home Marine of just a couple of weeks he was trying to figure out the civilian world puzzle. He was stressed out about his future when he was told that his vehicle would not return home to NY from Hawaii for at least 120 days! His family wasn’t sure what to do since they did not have the funds to purchase a vehicle for him. Our team at Operation Build Up heard about his story and realized that we could potentially intervene in his life by giving him a vehicle and avert future distress! He was hoping to start school which was something he earned with the GI Bill! Now you can brother!! No stress! This is going to give you the ability to create the life that you deserve! Semper Fidelis!!