Shawn Army Veteran With Lukemia

Shawn Army Veteran With Lukemia 2017-07-20T20:29:29+00:00

Our team got the case of Shawn an Army veteran that served his country honorably, He was always in good health until last year when he was diagnosed with Leukemia. Having a child in college, the sickness that he was diagnosed with became too much to bare. They did not have the funds for a vehicle so it would take all day to conduct a simple errand like getting his medicine, they would ride multiple city buses with him sick to get him to treatments. It was just them with no one else to turn to for help, their struggle was everyday and it was real.

Our team worked around the clock on this 1994 Jaguar SJ6 to give them the tools that they needed to stabilize their lives, to deal with his illness in the least stressful manner. His wife has been by his side in and out of the hospital over the last year fighting his illness, hoping for the best. She was beyond shocked that we had done this for her family, pulling herself together just long enough to say a few words, after getting in the car she started sobbing again uncontrollably saying over and over that we are real angels on earth… That feels pretty damn good…

The original plan was to jump from the Whiskey 7 WW2 bomber and parachute in, yea it sounded real James Bondish, and I liked the sound of it! When poor weather didn’t allow that to happen we focused on our real mission which was to change a veteran families life. Give them the tools that they needed in their darkest hour, an easy pass… What an honor..

Semper Fidelis


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