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They bravely fought for you and I

Now it’s our chance to give back….

To build upon the success of Operation Build Up and sustain this crucial mission, we are now accepting veteran sponsorships. These ongoing sponsorships will help us to acquire vehicles, perform the necessary repairs, maintain our garage, and surprise veterans and their families with transportation.

Lack of independence creates additional stress to a military veteran.

In addition to making it difficult to maintain steady employment (especially those living in rural areas), it creates a feeling of dependence. Many military men and women will not reach out to others in their time of need for fear of bothering someone. Simple activities of daily living such as food shopping, getting to medical or therapy appointments, etc. can be challenging without steady transportation.

To date, Operation Build Up has surprised 106 struggling veterans with vehicles.

We have another 42 vehicle-giveaways planned for 2018. With your one-time or continued support we can greatly increase our mission. One day, our goal is to have multiple Operation Build Up branches across the U.S. providing hope to veterans across the nation.

Sponsor A Veteran