Tom Vietnam Army Veteran

Tom Vietnam Army Veteran 2017-07-05T14:07:23+00:00

As an Army Vietnam Veteran Tom has seen it all,  between battling cancer and the financial burdens that come with it, he found himself in a struggle for survival.  When they lost their vehicle because they couldn’t keep up with the payments things got worse fast.  Living outside of the distance for ride services he and his sister were borrowing vehicles to try to get him to some of his appointments but missing many.  Without a way to get groceries, go to appointments, pick up prescriptions etc they were scraping for resources.  When we heard about their struggles we were proud to offer assistance. Our team picked up a Buick Park Avenue and worked on it for weeks.  We fixed the rusty areas, repainted it, put on new tires, brakes, fixed check engine issues and surprised them with it!  It was such an amazing feeling and an honor to assist them in their darkest hour.  No veteran should have to leave this world worried about their family after they go.  Semper Fidelis