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Our Team Delivered A Few Vehicles Prior To Starting Our Mission To Document.  We Purchased A Camera And Decided To Conduct Small Community Events To Assist Us In Gaining Backing From Our Communities.  Our First Documented Case Is Below, Please Follow Our Future Progress!

Joey – Special Operations Army Ranger

This hero was our fourth vehicle delivery, but the first documented.  We decided to make it a point to document our track record from this point forward.  Joey is an Army Ranger veteran with 7 tours overseas including 3 tours in Afghanistan and 4 tours in Iraq.  After Returning home Joey was ready to take the world by storm…  READ MORE


Merritt – Vietnam Era Navy Veteran

This hero served his country honorably up to 1976 an lived a typical comfortable life.  He became a skilled chef and worked comfortably beside renowned chef’s for a long period of time. A sequence of events put Merritt into a position where he was looking for work, having difficulty getting by on his own, with little in the way of assistance… READ MORE


Domonique – Operation Iraqi Freedom Navy Veteran 

This hero served her country honorably during time of war, is a single mother of a three year old son, and has a beautiful soul.  After returning home she found herself  in a position where she had to relearn how to be a civilian.  Facing the everyday challenge’s of getting to work without a vehicle, and raising her child to the best of her ability… READ MORE


Tom – Vietnam Veteran Battling Agent Orange Cancer

As an Army Vietnam Veteran Tom has seen it all,  dealing with the struggles of battling cancer and financial burdons he found himself in a struggle when they lost their vehicle.  Living outside of the distance for ride services he and his sister were borrowing vehicles to try to get him to some of his appointments but missing many. READ MORE 


Rob – 1st Marine Division Operation Iraqi Freedom Veteran

Rob served his country as a combat veteran out of 1st Marine Division. He has faced struggles for years not having a vehicle which has limited his opportunities in life. The last time Rob had a vehicle was back in 2010!! He is a great Marine, never asking for anything, happy about life, and walks probably 50 miles per week to accomplish his goals. He was so surprised READ MORE


Max – 3rd Marine Division Operation Iraqi Freedom Veteran

Max is a young Marine that recently returned home from his unit that was based out of Hawaii. Being a recently returned home Marine of just a couple of weeks he was trying to figure out the civilian world puzzle. He was stressed out about his future when he was told that his vehicle would not return home to NY from READ MORE

Shawn – Army Veteran Battling Leukemia

Our team got the case of Shawn an Army veteran that served his country honorably, He was always in good health until last year when he was diagnosed with Leukemia. Having a child in college, the sickness that he was diagnosed with became too much to bare. READ MORE

Herman – Korean War Veteran With 3 Purple Hearts

We have never been more excited to assist a veteran than in the case of Herman Foster a Korean War front line sniper with 3 purple hearts.  Herman served under the legendary Chesty Puller with 1st Marine division in the Frozen Chosen War.  When he came into difficult times at his old age READ MORE

Will – Iraq And Afghanistan Marine Corps Veteran From Meadville Pennsylvania

We received a desperate cry for help via our Facebook page from a young Marine named Will.  He had served with 1st Marine Division during both the Iraq and Afghanistan war.  A sequence of events made his civilian life very READ MORE

Jeff Afghanistan Army Veteran With 5 Kids From Erie County Pennsylvannia

After returning home from Meadville Pennsylvannia our team received a phone call about an Afghanistan veteran that was fighting to survive, suffering from PTSD, with 5 children, walking to work and having a difficult time getting by under his current READ MORE

Jim Disabled Air Force Veteran Missing An Arm Bloomfield NY

Jim has not had an easy life since leaving the Air Force, A car accident left him with the loss of his right arm.  Having to relearn everything using his left arm made life even more difficult.  Struggling to find consistent work, in a vehicle that broke down daily put him in a position READ MORE





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