Will Marine From Meadville Pennsylvania

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We received a desperate cry for help via our Facebook page from a young Marine named Will.  He had served with 1st Marine Division during both the Iraq and Afghanistan war.  A sequence of events made his civilian life very difficult for him.  He found himself without a vehicle, no work, no food in his refrigerator and struggling for his life at home with very little support and young children.  When we read his please help message we decided that we had to broaden our horizons, we purchased an rv so the team could travel to PA without incurring the expensive hotel room fees.  We found a bar in Meadsville PA called Ranz, the owner Jim himself is an Iraq combat veteran.  We explained to him why we were in town, he was ecstatic to assist us in surprising Will!  We had some of Will’s friends bring him to the location for a couple of drinks to get him out of the house, then our team rolled in, Made an announcement in the bar.  Will was so surprised that he just couldn’t hold back the tears, help had arrived for him.  Semper Fidelis was shouted from all corners of the parking lot!



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